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work in progress

2008-06-23 00:29:50 by Jackstriden18

Im still new to flash but im working on a short thats gonna be really funny.


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2009-03-27 12:38:16

Sounds epic.


2009-05-13 14:29:58

can i do the main character? just pm me. im 14 and can easily transform my voice

Jackstriden18 responds:

oh my bad yo i didnt even notice i had comments in this post. uh yeah if you think you can pull off a 14 year old boy with a lazy attitude then sure let me get your email and ill send you some dialouge that beat says in the movie. if i like what i hear you get the part and ill send you the whole script.


2009-05-13 19:40:19

It better be.... also, I am a voice actor.

Jackstriden18 responds:

it will be. oh and sorry but im not diggin your voice acting skils. no offense at all though. but keep up the beatboxin you sound great at that. again not trying to sound like a dick just lettin you know