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Bushido beats

2009-05-20 23:36:33 by Jackstriden18

yo everyone. for those of you who don't know im currently working to make my comic series
"Bushido-beats" into a show here on new grounds. its the story of a hip-hop loving samurai who's sister gets kidnapped by a group known as the elements crew. each member represents an element in hip-hop. to match their power beat must travel to 1970 brooklyn new york with the help of a time traveling samurai named Sylus to master the elements himself and become the symbol that unifies them. the legendary headphone hero. anyway... This is NOT gonna be finished for a long time..... Im trying to make it look perfect. so for the voice actors i got im thanking you now. months from now when you see a flash posted up called bushido beats and say to yourselves. "didn't i do voice work for this?" you can rest assured i have you all listed and will get credit. See you guys when eva the hell this shit's done. Sweezy out!


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2009-05-21 07:51:56

what are these symbols that you speak of?


2009-06-08 01:50:51

Cool, cool. Have all of the other parts been filled already?