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Bushido beats progress

2009-06-23 01:17:21 by Jackstriden18

well i know i haven't been updating but just to let you guys know all the voice actors except for beat have been filled. and theres one more guy trying out for that part. i havent worked on the flash itself cause i was in finals in school. but Im on break now so ill get on it. as for actual progress all the other voice actors have been found. my home boy Willy bender made the soundtrack for the series. and so you guys know my time in art school has shown me that if it does not look like all your effort was put into it then its not worth showing. so im trying to make this look amazing. hence why it'll be a while before it comes out. thanx again.


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2009-06-24 05:56:36

Cool, cool. Can't wait to see it, man. Sounds like it'll be badass.


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