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Entry #7

Demo is up

2010-09-12 16:40:13 by Jackstriden18

well its been a long 4 years but im finally graduating college. got my 2d animation demo finished so i put it on vimeo. now that i have my life back i can get to work on some flash stuff. been putting that off for too long.

p.s: after watching my demo everyone who said i couldnt animate, that im not a animator, and that im waisting my time on this site. i got two words.....SUCK IT


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2010-11-26 14:57:22

Okay... FUNKING AWESOME! Dude, you have some serious talent. I hope my animations can be as good as yours when I get my series out of the developing stage! Respect.

Jackstriden18 responds:

thanx brah