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Demo is up

2010-09-12 16:40:13 by Jackstriden18

well its been a long 4 years but im finally graduating college. got my 2d animation demo finished so i put it on vimeo. now that i have my life back i can get to work on some flash stuff. been putting that off for too long.

p.s: after watching my demo everyone who said i couldnt animate, that im not a animator, and that im waisting my time on this site. i got two words.....SUCK IT

Got some...

2010-01-24 17:11:12 by Jackstriden18

new art i just put up. well.... new-ish I geuss


2009-11-28 11:57:18 by Jackstriden18

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animatic for 2d short film

2009-08-22 17:56:17 by Jackstriden18

animatic for short im making for my 2d animation demo reel. i need to finish this to graduate.

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Bushido beats progress

2009-06-23 01:17:21 by Jackstriden18

well i know i haven't been updating but just to let you guys know all the voice actors except for beat have been filled. and theres one more guy trying out for that part. i havent worked on the flash itself cause i was in finals in school. but Im on break now so ill get on it. as for actual progress all the other voice actors have been found. my home boy Willy bender made the soundtrack for the series. and so you guys know my time in art school has shown me that if it does not look like all your effort was put into it then its not worth showing. so im trying to make this look amazing. hence why it'll be a while before it comes out. thanx again.

Bushido beats

2009-05-20 23:36:33 by Jackstriden18

yo everyone. for those of you who don't know im currently working to make my comic series
"Bushido-beats" into a show here on new grounds. its the story of a hip-hop loving samurai who's sister gets kidnapped by a group known as the elements crew. each member represents an element in hip-hop. to match their power beat must travel to 1970 brooklyn new york with the help of a time traveling samurai named Sylus to master the elements himself and become the symbol that unifies them. the legendary headphone hero. anyway... This is NOT gonna be finished for a long time..... Im trying to make it look perfect. so for the voice actors i got im thanking you now. months from now when you see a flash posted up called bushido beats and say to yourselves. "didn't i do voice work for this?" you can rest assured i have you all listed and will get credit. See you guys when eva the hell this shit's done. Sweezy out!

work in progress

2008-06-23 00:29:50 by Jackstriden18

Im still new to flash but im working on a short thats gonna be really funny.